April Report

Well might you say what a difference a month makes, but 4 weeks ago our Club had a contingent of annual trippers up from Beverley Park, on their 61st consecutive visit with wonderful Club trading the golf course being overly busy and Port winning the whole weekend of golf, games and frivolity

We are now in a situation of social golf only for 2 players at a time, social distancing of 1.5 metres a full closure of the Club house, necessary staff stand downs, limited Pro shop access and very limited joy and happiness in the whole world but for everyone one of you that are in good and reasonable health you need to STAY that way and limit you time to predominately at home.

We considered many options as to how we may keep the course open and continue playing golf given all the restraints we are committed to by regulation and generally felt that a slower beginning was the better approach without any competitions, unnecessary card handling, Mi Club scoring etc given that we are limited to golf being played in pairs. 

We are hopeful that maybe next month we may be able to introduce limited Medley competitions in the nature of Single Stableford events should the social gathering restrictions be eased somewhat but at present we have to deal with the cards we are dealt. 

Even the use of carts creates issues with 1 player, 1 only golf bag etc and there is NO exemption even if the other player might be your spouse so it was decided that at this point of time they are better off the course and that we endorse the Government’s philosophy of Golf being an outside physical and healthy activity and a good walk.

I ask ALL members to please bear in mind that all our restrictions and limitations are imposed on us and that at the end of the day it is greatly affecting the Club’s financial resources but we are all hopeful of seeing that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel ( somewhere )! 

Added to the Club’s woes during this Month was the resignation of our C E O, Daniel Constable, I must say totally unforseen, but to Daniel best wishes in your new challenges ahead.

I was really hopeful of starting this column with some good news but apologies but that’s just how the month has been but sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the Club’s Men’s Div. 1 and 2 Pennants teams on both getting over the line and winning the flag with Division 2 going through undefeated,

Well done guy’s!!.

All Pennant sides were impacted by unpleasant weather conditions, course changes and closures so again it has been a very tough month.

Moving forward might I say please be patient, stay well and above all stay SAFE.

Neil Smith

Club Captain