Vets COVID-19 Competition Update

The Vets comps, both Ladies and Mens have been cancelled. Social play will be made available through April where possible. Please refer to the IMPORTANT INFORMATION in the notices on the booking page.

Super Seniors Championships

Anyone interested in travelling to Toukley for the Super Seniors Championships on May 4, this event has been cancelled. So please don’t go.

Wauchope Bill Medley Postponed

The following message has recently been received from Wauchope. “We have deferred the Bill Medley Shield game at Wauchope to a later date. The reason we have taken this action is the concern with the Corona Virus. Because most of us are in the most vulnerable age group, I think we are responsible to minimise cross contamination if possible. The event can be played later in the year when hopefully we are clear of any virus. Ross Bird, President, Wauchope Men’s Vets”

Let’s hope things can get back to normal in the near future.

Eclectic Results

Last years Eclectic was finalised in December. There was only one winner as the competition was on a Nett basis over all the grades. The winner for 2019 was Ron Bennetts with a score of 51.175 narrowly beating Alan Holt and John Mills who had 57.25 with Tim Woodman 4th with 57.275. A full list of the scores is available here Vets Eclectic 2019 Results 

Slow Play

As been stated ad infinitum in the past “Stop and Smell the Roses”. While attributed to Walter Hagen, what he really said was, “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” Golf is a game played outdoors in and around nature. No one expects you to run around the golf course, but the above statement was primarily to quieten your mind and make you aware of your surroundings but not to dawdle. They have botanical gardens and coast walks for that sort of thing.

Here are some suggestions to hasten the pace of play without hurrying, 

  • The easiest of all recommendations is to play ready-golf. There is no need to debate who is furthest out. The first person who is ready to hit, should hit. That goes for the tee box as well, hit first, fill out the score card next.
  • Don’t stand over your ball as you prepare to hit, then look to see if someone else is doing the same. Prepare to hit, then hit. If 2 players hit at the same time, there is no penalty!
  • If you aren’t hitting, get ready to play. Don’t wait in a group watching your playing partner hit. Where it is safe, you should be standing next to your own ball. Know where and how far you want to hit the ball then when it’s your turn, swing.
  • Be aware of how much time you spend looking for balls in the trees. 3 Minutes is not a long time and it does not mean 3 minutes per player per shot. If you do not know where your ball is, you should not be helping your mate look for his ball. Your 3 minute time limit has already started.
  • When you go to the Tee prepare to hit your shot, not prepare to fill out the scorecard. If no one else is ready to hit, then it must be your shot.
  • Don’t mark every putt. If you have a two-footer or something just outside the leather, go ahead and knock the ball in the hole. You shouldn’t rush, but conversely, there is no need to slave over every putt as if The Masters is at stake. Also remember, 100 players have walked over that bit of green before you got there.

If one player squanders just 30 seconds per hole, which isn’t hard to do, that’s nine minutes per round. The reality is the difference between playing in 4 hours and 5 hours isn’t as great as some might believe.

One player can back up an entire golf course. Don’t be that player!


Anyone who was interested enough to check the Eclectic scores after the last Monthly Medal would have noticed that they were not listed. The Eclectic uses holes from the Main Course and because we have not been able to play the 4th Hole, scores from all holes except 4 and 9 are recorded for future benefit. However, until such time as we play 4 and 9 again, the App cannot calculate an 18 hole Eclectic score. Any good scores you have on 9a and 9b will be ignored in the Eclectic calculations, so if you have had a birdie or an eagle on those holes, well done.

Wear A Vets Shirt

Unless you are a serious Swans supporter like Peter Stephens and feels the need to wear a red shirt, there are currently two styles of Blue Vets Shirts that are available and that you are encouraged to wear. These shirts are good quality, still cost only $40 and are available through James in the Pro Shop. Get in early before the cost goes up. They come embroided with your name and a map of NSW. All just in case you either forget who you are or where you are. You can simply point and the people in white coats can lead you back home. If you are intending on playing the Bill Medley Shield, these shirts are great as they identify you by name and club.

Hastings Education Fund Raising Day (May 31)

“The Hastings Education Fund was established to provide much needed financial assistance and support to local youth to help them achieve their post high school education, training and vocation aspirations. It was recognised that the cost of regional students pursuing their post high school goals is often much greater than those of their metropolitan counterparts and that sometimes these costs can be prohibitive.”

Port Macquarie Vets have run this fund raising venture for the last 8 years and have helped raise over $50,000. The timesheets will be open the week before. This will be a shotgun start at 12 noon, with a sausage sizzle beforehand. There are some wonderful prizes to be won, so keep this event in mind.

5th Annual Over 80’s Championships

Well it’s that time of year again when the OB’s get to show their stuff at Harrington Waters Golf Club. You can get all the information by clicking here

Bill Medley Shield Dates

Friday 27 March – Wauchope (Updated)

Friday 8 May – Kew

Friday 17 July – Kempsey

Monday 10 August – Port Macquarie

Friday 11 September – Frederickton

Friday September 25 – South West Rocks 

Upcoming Events

Mar 16  Bi Annual Trip away to Kempsey

Mar 27 Bill Medley Shield @ Wauchope

WOG Events (Local)

Mar 2-6           Central West WOG, Orange

Mar 9-13         Upper Hunter WOG, Muswellbrook

Mar 16-20       Tamworth WOG

Mar 23-25       NSWVGA Stroke Championships, Richmond area

For all NSWVGA WOG events click here

Do you have any comments or stories?

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